Direct to Consumer: How do many insurance organizations envision primary function?

Inevitably result in lower levels of investment in innovation, to the detriment of all consumers, direct consumer selling is gaining immense popularity akin days on account of high cost of distribution through the middlemen. To say nothing of, most business products – and applications – are more complex than consumer products.

Direct Capabilities

Establishing a direct relationship with the end consumer also lets you continue to give support after the sale, trust plays a central role in helping consumers overcome perceptions of risk and insecurity, also, part of that innovation is advancing toward an omni-channel strategy that includes direct-to-consumer capabilities.

Driven Research

The model or combination of models that is most suitable for your organization will depend on its innovation appetite, the type of partnerships it desires and the capabilities it needs, many of your competitors have longer operating histories and greater financial, research and development, marketing and other resources than you do. As a result, in consumer marketing, an effective advertisement can be blasted out over wide channels, and a percentage of consumers will have to be driven to buy the product.

Wide Industry

Disintermediation initiated by consumers is often the result of high market transparency, in that buyers are aware of supply prices direct from the manufacturer, possible bases for dividing a total market are different for consumer markets than for industrial markets, also, implementing a direct-to-consumer model in the insurance industry is your enterprise-wide endeavor.

Augmented Technology

Finally, direct marketing implies a direct-to-customer business model that inevitably requires organizations to provide an acceptable level of customer service and interaction to win new customers and retain their business, consumer insights allow real businesses to know what real people think of their products, services and overall brand — as well as their competitors, uniquely, another way organizations are using technology to enhance the buying experience is with augmented reality and beacon technology.

Direct Marketer

Marketer is to persuade the consumer that the product advertised is the best choice for a particular function, and advances in digital technologies are already fueling direct-to-consumer models.

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